Your recovery matters – forgive the hurt

Your recovery matters.

Forgiveness is a state of mind and a feeling deep inside. It is a way to end one thing and open the door for so much more. It is your recover that matters.

Forgiveness is not with yourself or with the person that hurt you terribly. The perpetrator may be removed from your life, long gone into the shadows of a life that once was. But what is still present every day are the after-effects.

Forgiveness is a way to let go and move on. Forgive your body for holding on to what keeps hurting you each day of every year since. And by doing the act of forgiveness, you forgive the body for keeping its secrets hidden away and for the holding on.

Forgiveness opens your heart to the possibility of healing all the hurt and pain that still resides within the very fibres of your body. You shall find new self-determination that sets you free from the burden of emotion. Free from the baggage of time and what you still experience to this day.

Forgiveness allows the body to relinquish its grip and let go. It opens a channel for you to say goodbye – forever, to the emotion not felt at the time. But you know it is still there deep within as the disharmony continues.

Your recover matters so forgive, let go, move on. It is that simple a task because those of us hurt by our abuser can do it in a heartbeat. Please repeat after me; I forgive, I let go, I move on.

Self-help to recover from the inner burden abuse left behind

Give abuse a voice via a new healing route, your recovery mattersForgiveness is a crucial step toward healing from past abuse. If you want to learn more about forgiveness and do the declarations and tasks for all of the sixteen steps, then you’ll find it here.  Life shall move on with a little help from the ancient healing wisdom within these pages.

Find a recovery route that serves you well whether that is through a combination of conventional therapies such as abuse counselling, hypnotherapy, EMDR, CBT, psychotherapy, or reiki.  When you are ready to remove the deepest hurt and pain held within the body, then come to Decus and our unique skills to access and remove it shall facilitate the change that could last a lifetime.