Unique Healing from Abuse at Decus

Heal a fragmented soul

The unique aspects of healing from abuse

The uniqueness of healing from trauma at Decus is its subtle fundamental changes that happen deep within your body. It makes a real difference to who you are and how you live your life. The necessary changes do not occur because we use mind-altering techniques to make you behave differently. Instead, we heal the soul and emotions using ancient techniques that are specific to Decus. Our new and unique healing methods release the core of emotions from past abuse that are held deep within your body. You gain freedom through the removal of its presence and from its destructive nature that once influenced aspects of life. Afterwards, rehabilitation of emotional wellness continues and you start to build positive emotional responses to all challenges in life.

Personalised healing

Our cocoon of care for women helps make the changes you seek. Our innovative healing programme is different for every abuse survivor that chooses to truly heal from past abuse. You know that surviving abuse is survival every single day because you are forced to manage what you never wanted in the first place. It does not have to be like that anymore! Resign from the managing position and stop being held captive by unwanted emotions. Your actions will turn the abuse survivor into an empowered woman who has healed. Ready to stride forward to live without its influence and over time, you’ll grow into a confident, self-assured woman that makes the best of her situation.

Are you ready to heal uniquely at Decus?

If you are ready to heal from past abuse and mend your fragmented soul and emotions, then contact us.

If you need more support and guidance before seeking healing of your soul and emotions then, go to my story and our blog page. We recommend that you read our series of self-help books to guide healing from past abuse.