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Ancient wisdom healing abuse in society

Ancient Wisdom Healing Abuse in Society

The blog is written from the heart to offer ancient healing wisdom to those who have experienced abuse in life. Its words aim to inspire and promote thought and consideration. Indeed, it is an alternative turning point in the healing methods for abuse victims and society.

It could make it easier to decide your recovery route. Mainly when you understand why removing the destructive emotion from deep within the body is so necessary for well-being. The blog also highlights a future view of how medicine and forensics will change how we deal with abuse in society.

You might think that this is a wonderment, wishful thinking and one person wanting things to change. But this is so much more than that. It is a message from a higher authority that a day of reckoning will happen for those that abuse and damage so many lives. Bring forth new forensic techniques, new healing methods, and new ways to cause the downfall of the ‘under-class’. They are indeed a class of despicable people that will go under: not be behind a veil of secrecy or hidden from view so that they can continue to do what they should not be doing. The spotlight will shine directly on them, and they will not know what to do! Their hiding places will no longer protect them, and society will get their wake up call.

The thief and the pig

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The hidden extent of abuse in society The Thief The thief is not a person but represents the life that has been taken from you because you experienced abuse. In particular, it is the desperate situation you are in at this stage in life. Abused people are damaged, and they need access to the necessary support services to recover from it. Ignoring the matter time and time again allows the hidden extent of abuse in…