Specialist abuse healing with a therapeutic difference

Our specialist healing service is a golden opportunity for you to do something remarkable for your recovery. We provide a FREE online introductory session, which is a confidential listening ear and a chance to have an informal chat. It allows us to discuss how our specialist abuse healing service can best support your recovery process. It is important that we build trust and a connection to facilitate the most wonderful healing process.

There are healing options to suit your specific needs and timeframe. So that you get bespoke healing that is personal to you and the abuse you experienced. All sessions are directed with a unique blend of powerful and intuitive energy healing techniques, including canine-assisted healing. We focus on what the body stored after abuse and work with all levels in and around the body where emotional damage is stuck.

All healing sessions are confidential and done in-person or online on a one-to-one basis. We work closely with the body and thus, every appointment requires the client to be fully clothed except for the feet and hands.

Free Introductory Session

A confidential space for an informal chat to 'get to know each other'. We discuss your needs and how our specialist abuse healing service can best support your recovery process. ONLINE.

Healing Taster

Try our unique style of healing in a 60-minute taster session. Where you'll discover the potential benefits to your holistic wellness. ONLINE or IN-PERSON.


Healing Session

Get any number of healing sessions before or after completing our specialist Abuse Healing Package. A session lasts up to 90 minutes and supports other healing needs you might have to aid recovery. ONLINE or IN-PERSON.

Specialist Abuse Healing Package

A quick and profound specialist abuse healing package that takes only one month to complete. It is done IN-PERSON ONLY and requires total commitment and attendance at every session. The package consists of five key healing sessions spread over three phases:

First Phase - Readiness
Two key healing sessions - To locate the deepest trapped hurt and pain within the body. Then reposition it in readiness for its removal.

Second Phase - Removal
A single and one-time-only key healing session
- To remove the destructive core of emotion and return you to whole-self. It may also include canine-assisted healing to maximise the outcome.

Third Phase - Rehabilitation
Two key healing sessions - To rehabilitate emotions back to where they should be to function correctly.


Feel the difference, live the difference!

When you have experienced healing at Decus and gone on to complete the Abuse Healing Package you'll feel the differences. Why? Because you'll recognise the sensations within your body such as, 'it' has gone, a massive weight lifted from your shoulders or a sense of freedom. Perhaps, you'll notice that you react differently to situations.

For instance, when something arises, that in the past, caused emotional anguish and increased disharmony within your body and mind, you are able to stride forward. Stronger and more empowered with a real sense of who you really are and what you could achieve now that you are no longer a passenger in your own life. Healing the deepest held emotional wounds at Decus is so much more than that.

In the long-term, you'll notice more positive changes such as a renewed confidence in living in a way that brings greater happiness and empowerment to yourself and to others. When you look back and compare how you once lived and thought about yourself, you'll discover personal growth has happened and how it has enabled even more improvements to wellness. New horizons can begin to open for greater personal growth and the benefits could last a lifetime.

Hermanos is our specialist abuse healing service for male survivors

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