A specialist abuse healing service, abuse healing service for survivors of domestic violence or adults abused in childhood

Ancient wisdom healing abuse

Spiritual awakening

After successful careers in medical research and secondary education, life took a dramatic turn; I needed to deal with the hurt and pain left behind from abuse that happened nearly five decades ago. My healing journey provided time to retrain as an Alternative Medicine practitioner, which led to spiritual awakening and the discovery of many unknown talents.

In 2019, I founded Decus and its subsidiaries to provide specialist healing for survivors to mend the deepest held emotional wounds left behind from abuse. My strong determination to make a positive difference in the lives of abuse survivors comes in many forms.


“It is what you gain after recovering from abuse that is the prize worth keeping”


I know how it feels to have intense feelings of sadness and anxiety rear so strong in the body that it becomes impossible to suppress anymore. And that deciding to do what my body was telling me to deal with is a courageous step. It is, indeed, a monumental step that is fraught with self-doubt, many emotional triggers and worries about what others may think. But let me reassure you that it is a route worth taking. Letting go of so much hidden damage and influence from the core of hurt is a new beginning.


“Creativity comes for the heart.”


Now, I embrace my hidden talents and enjoy sharing ancient healing wisdom through a series of self-help books and artwork. My literary skills emerged in the form of metaphorical stories and poems. As well as, new methodologies that intend to give a different perspective to healing survivors and abuse in society. The watercolour designs I create are specific to the people I heal because of their unique combination of colour and brushstroke pattern.

Self-help books and articles to guide healing from abuse

A healing voice emanates from the written words and brings new perspectives of life before and after healing at Decus. Helping many more survivors of abuse to seek and access a new approach to heal through a mini-series of self-help books that are available on Amazon. Gain insight and understanding of how emotions at the time of abuse get stored in the body. Discover why it is necessary to gain freedom from its influence.

Perhaps the articles I write, that can be found at the Decus blog,  Blogspot and Core Spirit and LinkedIn, will support and inspire you. Provoking thoughts about how you want to steer your recovery.

So you want to heal from past abuse?

self-help books to guide recovery from abuse

Book 1 of the self-help series

Sixteen steps toward healing from past abuse

Sixteen steps towards healing from past abuse

Book 2 of the self-help series

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse

Book 3 of the self-help series

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2. Healing art example

3. Healing art example

4. Healing art example

5. Healing art example

6. Healing art example

7. Healing art example

8. Healing art example