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Ancient wisdom healing abuse

Ancient healing wisdom delivers a new way to recover from abuse

My spiritual awakening happened when I healed the deeply embedded core of hurt and pain left from abuse when I was a child and young adult. The cocoon of care at Decus evolved, and now many women can heal the hidden emotional wounds left behind from abuse. And rehabilitate emotions just like I did. You too can regain the whole- self and be the best version of you. Come and reap the benefits of my exceptional healing gift and unique access to ancient healing wisdom to help you recover from abuse. It shall move you from a life in limbo to tremendous personal growth.

I know how it feels to have intense feelings of sadness and anxiety rear so strong in the body that it becomes impossible to suppress anymore. And that deciding to do what my body was telling me to deal with is a courageous step. It is, indeed, a monumental step that is fraught with self-doubt, many emotional triggers and worries about what others may think. But let me reassure you that it is a route worth taking. Letting go of so much hidden damage and influence from the core of hurt is a new beginning. But it is what you gain after recovering from abuse that is the prize worth keeping.

Self-help books and articles to guide healing from abuse

I share my healing skills and knowledge to help more survivors of abuse to seek and access a new approach to heal. You can find a fantastic series of self-help books on Amazon. And I also write articles on Blogspot and Core Spirit and LinkedIn as well as the Decus blog posts. You shall find support and inspiration to provoke thoughts about your recovery. The insight and understanding of how emotions at the time of abuse get stored in the body. And why it is necessary to gain freedom from its influence. A healing voice emanates from the written words and brings new perspectives of life before and after healing at Decus

So you want to heal from past abuse?

A collection of ditties and short stories to help you seek healing of your soul and emotions.

16 steps toward healing from past abuse

How 16 small steps can make giant leaps on the path to healing your soul and emotions.

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse

A collection of short stories to open the heart and challenge the mind.

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