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Energy left behind from abuse has a voice

Our heal from abuse blog is a voice for emotion. It is heartfelt wisdom conveyed in written words that aim to inspire and challenge thinking about the long-term effects abuse has on society and on survivors lives. Ancient healing wisdom is shared in every post to help survivors gain insight and understanding of a new healing pathway. An alternative route that may make it easier to decide the direction of healing and why it's necessary to release emotion stuck deep within the body. It highlights ways to prepare your mind and body to make removal of the destructive core of emotion possible. There is also the insidious nature of abuse and perpetrators of abuse that has the potential to affect humanity. A preview of changes that help those survivors to seek healing at Decus but also in society and how abuse is dealt with.

Find you and the freedom to unite Badgers have a poor reputation: they are unseen animals of the night.  Foraging and snuffling in the undergrowth for little morsels of food.  They are persecuted and demonised because they are black and white with shades of grey.  If only we could see them in daylight.  Alive and thriving rather than laid at the roadside with coats of bristle and down blowing in the wind.  If only their
The emotional wounds from abuse An emotional war rages within you, and it is not a pleasant thing to feel. The invisible battle scars left behind from abuse trigger within the body. Every time abuse occurs, even if it’s subliminal or conscious, the emotional wounds from abuse become more rooted. They turn into a more concentrated pinpoint of intense emotion deep within your body. It is, indeed, this intensified core of hurt and pain that
This little book is the third of a series of self-help books to guide healing from past abuse. Healing abuse trauma There is an age-old problem that all abuse survivors deal with every day inadvertently. They have to cope with what they never wanted in the first place and that is the influence of emotion left from abuse. But there is a new radical solution to healing abuse trauma that deals with the emotional damage
The unique aspects of healing from abuse The uniqueness of healing from trauma at Decus is its subtle fundamental changes that happen deep within your body. It makes a real difference to who you are and how you live your life. The necessary changes do not occur because we use mind-altering techniques to make you behave differently. Instead, we heal the soul and emotions using ancient techniques that are specific to Decus. Our new and
Give a voice to the abuse Behind doors, in many homes, some people have been abused in childhood or adult life. It is for those survivors of abuse that this little book intends to make a difference in their recovery. It offers a golden opportunity to remain no longer hidden, to give a voice to the abuse and to help you realise that something can be done about it. There is a new and profound