16 steps toward healing from past abuse

Give abuse a voice via a new healing route

Give a voice to the abuse

Behind doors, in many homes, some people have been abused in childhood or adult life. It is for those survivors of abuse that this little book intends to make a difference in their recovery. It offers a golden opportunity to remain no longer hidden, to give a voice to the abuse and to help you realise that something can be done about it. There is a new and profound healing route waiting for you within these pages. It is of such personal proportions that you will think it is specifically written for you.

Prepare to heal the soul and emotions

A voice will emanate from this book to speak about all the remarkable things that you can do in readiness to heal from past abuse. At every step, there is a kind and loving hand to guide and assist you through the 16 step pathway. You’ll plunge into metaphorical pools of self-exploration and healing. It is an exhilarating rollercoaster of tasks and declarations intend to remove so much pain and anguish. They can also illuminate the definite prospect of healing your soul and emotions. There are times when you step with ease, and at other times your feet feel so heavy that you think it’s an impossible ask of you. Each step is so powerful that it can bolster you when life seems hard, and when the sun shines, you will be the most empowered.

Important decisions for you to take

At the end of this insightful 16 step journey, you’ve accomplished some phenomenal things and made important decisions for you. Indeed, every action that you created and carried out can make change happen that could last a lifetime. And there you will be, proud to gently stroll along the paved pathway that you created without the pitfalls and potholes to drag you down. Confident that all can be good in life because you took the chance to form a new relationship with you. The old thought patterns and emotional barriers ditched in a layby that was once the life you led.

Are you ready to create a new healing pathway? It is only 16 steps away. Come with me now and be prepared to step along a profound path toward seeking healing of your soul and emotions.

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