Emotion from abuse is stuck like glue

emotion from abuse is stuck like glue

Remove stuck emotion from abuse

You may have put a lot of effort into improving your emotional well-being and yet deep down, you know that anxiety, bouts of mild depression and a sense of deep sadness remain. It is the broken fragments of you, and the deep core of emotion within your body that have a destructive influence on your feelings. The hurt and pain that you weren’t allowed to express twist around every fibre and become trapped and inaccessible. And there it stays within your body despite every effort made to try and stop its detrimental nature from resurfacing and affecting how you live and think about yourself. It does not have to be this way any longer. Decus can get rid of it because our ancient healing methods specifically remove stuck emotion.

You deserve a unique way to remove emotion from abuse

It doesn’t matter whether you can remember the trauma, have a vague memory of it or that you have no recollection of it. Our healing processes do not seek to recover details because it has no benefit to mending your soul or rehabilitating emotions. We specifically focus on what your body remembers and needs to remove. Our healing programme uses specialised healing processes tailored to you and to what you have experienced in your life. Ancient techniques resurrected by us are specific for helping survivors of abuse to heal from the emotional scars. It is now possible to heal deeply held emotions from past abuse.

Now that you have found our cocoon of care

When you have dealt with the deep core of hurt you will discover so many new things about yourself. You will find ways to create a life you want. How do you know that you are one of those exceptional individuals that have so much talent inside ready to emerge? You will know because your intuition will indicate that the Decus way of healing is for you. Allow your heart to inspire you to take action. Seek our help and you can deal with the core of hurt, once and for all.

Are you ready to heal your soul and rehabilitate emotions back to where they should be? Begin the healing process by contacting us, and we can start to make the changes you want.

Do you need to seek more help and guidance before healing at Decus? We recommend that you read our series of self-help books to guide healing from past abuse. Visit our blog page to be inspired to recover in a new way at our cocoon of care for women.