Change how we deal with abuse in society

change how we deal with abuse in society

Change how we deal with abuse – awake the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room is the way it has been for too long. Its looming mass is there for everyone to see, and yet it remains invisible to society. How can this be so? As it is, indeed, an enormous bulk of a problem. But people tiptoe around it and do what they can to appease it. When the elephant in the room becomes an angel with wings so broad; it creates an upsurge of energy to contend with the extent of the issue. It changes how we deal with abuse in society. And then the ripple effect will begin to slow and lessen the grip abusers have on the vulnerable people in our communities.

The elephant in the room disappears, and the angel emerges to combat every aspect of the multi-faceted problem. Different approaches will lead to the same conclusion. Abusers are made accountable for their actions, get convicted, and their depraved networks shut down. But how can one golden angel do this? Easy, she will fly so high that her insight and innovation will add to the new wave of action to change how abuse is dealt with in society. And it is this radical new solution that will gain momentum, and make a permanent change happen. It will not only help those who are already damaged from abuse but also protect future generations.

A message from a higher authority

Perhaps you think that this is a wonderment, wishful thinking and one person wanting things to change. But this is so much more than that. It is a message from a higher authority that a day of reckoning will happen for those that abuse and damage so many lives. Bring forth new forensic techniques, new healing methods and new ways to cause the downfall of the ‘under-class’. They are indeed a class of despicable people that will go under: not be behind a veil of secrecy or hidden from view so that they can continue to do what they should not be doing. The spotlight will shine directly on them, and they will not know what to do! Their hiding places will no longer protect them and society will get their wake up call.

Effects of abuse inside the body

The hurt left behind from abuse is so destructive that the soul shatters like glass. The tiny fragments condense into an even smaller but more intense point of emotion that wreaks havoc with mental health and physical malaise.  So how can such a small area of emotional energy create changes in how a person lives and thinks? The tiny area of so much hurt and pain is stuck and unable to move by itself, so there it remains deeply buried within the body. It is a natural phenomenon where interlinking energies shift and flux between different parts of the body. If a person continually ruminates about a particular issue in their life, then more energy goes to serve that process. It creates a surge of energy that makes a new electrical pathway.

A good analogy is to think of it as reinforcing the interconnected strands of a spider’s web. The more robust the strand is, the more difficult it is to break it. And so it is this laying down of stronger electrical, neurological strands reinforce the negative behaviour. In essence, the strands keep adding and becoming more substantial and the core of hurt more compressed and potent in its ability to reinforce the behaviour. Fortunately, there is now a new healing solution for abuse survivors, and that is to have its destructive influence removed forever. The ties that bind become severed and in doing so, the core of hurt releases and the strong and sturdy strands are rendered useless. And thus, the destructive nature of trapped emotion from past abuse is prevented.

A new way to visualise the stored emotion

The core of hurt and pain is not visible to the naked eye or any form of an imaging device, and yet there it resides deep within the body. There will be a time when the stored emotion from abuse is made visible, but it requires advances in imaging technology. It is an exciting prospect that the core of hurt will become evident. And also visualise how it creates strands that hold it in place while influencing other aspects of physiology and psychology. The way forward to viewing such a spectacular event in the body is light and how it refracts. An exciting prospect is that advances in medicine will tap into the personal refractive index and create targeted therapeutic approaches that are so specific for the person and the pathology.

Why is it so important to view the effects of abuse inside the body tissues?

Abuse emotion has a particular refractive index, and the colours it creates are beyond visible light we see in rainbows. There is a whole new spectrum of light that is beyond the rainbow, and it can become visible to the naked eye after it is enhanced enough for us to see it. When the hidden damage is evident, it can give a forensic indication when memory and recall are absent. Because there is an energy connection between the abuser and the victim, it can also indicate who abused them.  Indeed, the emotion from abuse is a calling card of energy that is left in there by the abuser. It will be a definitive aspect of the abuser’s contribution to damaging the soul of a female victim. And also the thing that will unmask them. Abusers who refuse to acknowledge their abusive nature are prevented from continuing to destruct lives.

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