The trapped emotion left behind from abuse has a voice

Our blog is a voice for the emotion that became trapped after abuse. It is, indeed, conveyed in the written words that aim to inspire and promote thought about an alternative turning point for your recovery. Ancient wisdom is shared in every post to help survivors gain insight into a new healing route. And also, how it helps to support the necessary recovery processes that are individual to each person. Perhaps, it is easier to decide the direction your healing pathway goes in and the changes required when you understand why it's necessary to release emotion from deep within the body. The posts highlight ways to prepare your mind and body to make removal of the trapped emotion possible. As well as giving a preview to how personal growth can happen once healing at Decus is complete. Enjoy reading the blogs and the series of self-books to guide recovery from past abuse.

Is your body shouting for change to happen? You know that things aren’t right within you, and it is having a massive impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And yet you have a driving force within you that wants to make change happen. Here is your golden opportunity to get yourself well again. No shame or sorrow can’t be overcome when you feel ready to remove what is causing disharmony within you.  The emotional
The first of a series of self-help books to guide healing from past abuse My first book is a remarkable collection of inspirational stories and thought-provoking ditties that offer an extraordinary new way of thinking about recovery. Indeed, the prospect of seeking healing from past abuse can become a real possibility for you. It will foster fresh insight into your past, present, and future emotional wellness. It intends to be a catalyst for survivors of
Remove stuck emotion from abuse You may have put a lot of effort into improving your emotional well-being and yet deep down, you know that anxiety, bouts of mild depression and a sense of deep sadness remain. It is the broken fragments of you, and the deep core of emotion within your body that have a destructive influence on your feelings. The hurt and pain that you weren’t allowed to express twist around every fibre
Choose a healing path that mends invisible scars from abuse A cat is said to have nine lives, but it has one. A life so full of adventure and curiosity that is has no boundaries to what it wants to do. It prides itself on independence and individuality, and this is how cats get to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Humans are not so lucky. They consider other
A time of transition from a broken soul to whole-self Emotional challenges in life push the core of hurt and pain from abuse deeper within the body. It causes the pinpoint of emotions to percolate stronger and stronger until your body indicates that it is time to heal a broken soul. The feeling inside is firm and surefooted. You acknowledge that you want to make a significant step forward in your recovery from abuse. And