The trapped emotion left behind from abuse has a voice

Our blog is a voice for the emotion that became trapped after abuse. It is, indeed, conveyed in the written words that aim to inspire and promote thought about an alternative turning point for your recovery. Ancient wisdom is shared in every post to help survivors gain insight into a new healing route. And also, how it helps to support the necessary recovery processes that are individual to each person. Perhaps, it is easier to decide the direction your healing pathway goes in and the changes required when you understand why it's necessary to release emotion from deep within the body. The posts highlight ways to prepare your mind and body to make removal of the trapped emotion possible. As well as giving a preview to how personal growth can happen once healing at Decus is complete. Enjoy reading the blogs and the series of self-books to guide recovery from past abuse.

Remove the trapped emotion from lived abuse When you arrive at Decus, you feel instant calm and the prospect of something unusual is about to happen. You have made a personal commitment to recover from the ravages of time. It is, after all, the time spent since the lived abuse when you suppress, hold back, and squash the resurgent emotions that well up from deep inside your body. And yet, here you are now on Your recovery matters. Forgiveness is a state of mind and a feeling deep inside. It is a way to end one thing and open the door for so much more. It is your recover that matters. Forgiveness is not with yourself or with the person that hurt you terribly. The perpetrator may be removed from your life, long gone into the shadows of a life that once was. But what is still present every
The need for a new forensic net The big issue in our world is the abuse of so many things. Along with the perpetrators getting away with the most unspeakable things they do to vulnerable victims. If caught, there is a trawling through all of the evidence that supports the testimony. The focus lies with the recall of events and denial of the shocking details. As a consequence, it allows the loophole to widen and
Change how we deal with abuse – awake the elephant in the room The elephant in the room is the way it has been for too long. Its looming mass is there for everyone to see, and yet it remains invisible to society. How can this be so? As it is, indeed, an enormous bulk of a problem. But people tiptoe around it and do what they can to appease it. When the elephant in
The hidden extent of abuse in society The Thief The thief is not a person but represents the life that has been taken from you because you experienced abuse. In particular, it is the desperate situation you are in at this stage in life. Abused people are damaged, and they need access to the necessary support services to recover from it. Ignoring the matter time and time again allows the hidden extent of abuse in