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My Survivor Story

A survivor story that tells of how I healed from abuse in childhood

My survivor story is about healing in the most remarkable way. I was working incredibly hard throughout my careers in research and education, and then life took a dramatic turn, I had a breakdown. It was the wake-up call I needed and I had to deal with the hurt and pain left behind from abuse in childhood.

I had intense feelings of sadness and I didn't know why. Along with the rollercoaster of depression and anxiety that were reoccurring aspects of my life, the feelings had become too strong in my body and it was impossible to suppress any longer. I decided to do what my body was telling me to deal with and took a courageous step. It was a monumental step fraught with self-doubt, emotional triggers and worries about what others may think. But as time passed I realised it was a route worth taking for me to heal and recover.


“What I gained after healing from childhood abuse was the prize worth keeping


My own healing journey provided time to retrain as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner gaining skills from Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, and Counselling. I discovered that during my spiritual awakening I had the ability and skills to let go of the core of hurt and pain stuck deep within my body. What I gained from healing the hidden emotional damage was a new beginning. It was a time of transition that leads to the discovery of many unknown talents and my authentic self.

In 2019, I founded Decus and its subsidiaries to provide specialist healing for survivors to mend the deepest held emotional wounds left behind from abuse. My unique talents blend many ancient healing modalities, entwined with empathy and compassion to give bespoke therapy that is highly specific to a person's abuse trauma.

I embrace ancient healing wisdom and also, share it in a series of self-help books and via my spiritual artwork - Lost Dog Art. My literary skills have emerged in the form of metaphorical stories and poems, as well as providing a unique blend of therapeutic techniques that intend to give a new perspective to healing survivors and abuse in society. The watercolour paintings I create intend to provide a specific and personalised healing symbol for abuse survivors to facilitate recovery and transform lives.


My creativity and healing skills come from the heart


My strong determination to make a positive difference in the lives of abuse survivors comes in many forms. So, when The Maggie Oliver Foundation asked for volunteer ambassadors, I jumped at the chance. To this day, I continue to be a dedicated and committed supporter of Maggie and her fantastic team of ambassadors at the Foundation: Helping to help make change happen as an active member of the team. I share the common goal to support sexual abuse survivors as they transform their pain into power and get the justice they deserve.

Self-help books and articles to guide healing from abuse

Ancient wisdom and a healing voice emanate from the words I write and they bring new perspectives of life before and after healing at Decus. I share them to help more adults who experienced abuse in childhood to seek healing. My series of self-help books provide small literary instalments that are packed with insight. Offering an understanding of how emotions at the time of abuse get stored deep within the body and why it is necessary to gain freedom from its destructive influence. available on Amazon.  provide a new approach to challenge the mind and heal the heart. to remove the deepest held emotion through  Gain insight

Available on Amazon, and via the Decus blog,  Blogspot and Core Spirit and LinkedIn.

So you want to heal from past abuse?

self-help books to guide recovery from abuse

Book 1 of the self-help series

Sixteen steps toward healing from past abuse

Sixteen steps towards healing from past abuse

Book 2 of the self-help series

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse

Stepping closer to healing from past abuse

Book 3 of the self-help series

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2. Healing art example

3. Healing art example

4. Healing art example

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