Our mission

1. To provide specialist abuse healing

a) Decus is dedicated to providing specialist abuse healing to facilitate recovery from the deepest held emotional trauma within the body. To promote an alternative route to healing that enables a turning point in the uniquely personal journey of each adult survivor. Every person is treated with respect, decency and integrity throughout, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion or LGBT+.

b) Our unique access to skills and knowledge of ancient healing modalities intends to facilitate healing with a therapeutic difference. To solve an age-old problem so that people no longer have to live with the long-term consequences of past abuse. We remove the deeply trapped emotion that was left behind after abuse and also its destructive influences to initiate a holistic transformation.

2. Helping to change how society deals with abuse

Our long-term aim is to help change how abuse is dealt with in society. We intend to do this with three approaches.

Firstly, through our innovative abuse healing programmes designed specifically for women, men, children and rescue dogs. Each healing package upholds the integrity and accessibility of our specialist abuse healing service.
Secondly, to help de-stigmatise and remove other barriers that potentially stop survivors from accessing the necessary alternative therapies to support their recovery. We do this by sharing ancient healing wisdom and creativity through the Decus blog, articles, self-help books and watercolour artwork.
Thirdly, to support survivors in getting the justice they deserve through our innovation in forensics and medical diagnostic techniques.

Abuse Healing Package with a therapeutic difference

Our specialist Abuse Healing Package is a golden opportunity waiting for you to do something remarkable for your recovery.  It provides a quick and profound healing process that takes only one month to complete.

All sessions are directed with a unique blend of powerful and intuitive energy healing techniques. Focussing on what the body stored after abuse, and ensuring highly specific and personalised therapy every time.

All sessions are done in-person, on a one-to-one basis, and work closely with the body. Every appointment requires the client to be fully-clothed except for the feet and hands.

It consists of five key healing sessions

You must commit to the whole package by attending and completing all five key healing sessions over a maximum of one month. Each healing session takes approximately 90 minutes, so you will need to include extra time to travel to and from decus.

First Phase
Two healing sessions intend to locate and reposition the trapped hurt within the body in readiness for its removal.

Second Phase
A single healing session to remove the destructive core of hurt and pain and return you to whole-self. It also includes canine-assisted healing.

Third Phase
Two healing sessions to rehabilitate emotions back to where they should be to function correctly.

Women who have completed the whole Abuse Healing Package have felt changes immediately after a therapy session. And thereafter, once they gained freedom from the emotional burden. They also notice over time, positive changes and improvements to their holistic wellbeing became evident. As new horizons began to open for personal growth that could enable the benefits to last a lifetime.

Healing Taster

A 60- minute taster session is available to try our unique style of healing. Discover the potential benefits to holistic wellness before choosing to recover through our innovative Abuse Healing Package.


Follow Up Healing

Further healing sessions are available after the successful completion of the Abuse Healing Package. It intends to support other healing needs you might have to aid your recovery.

Specialist Abuse Healing for Men


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