Decus is a non-profit, specialist abuse healing service based in South Yorkshire. We help women recover from the long-term aftermath of the abuse they experienced at some point in life. Indeed, the therapy we provide uses a blend of therapeutic modalities to mend the emotional damage trapped within the body. We have the specialist skills and knowledge to gain access to the deepest held hurt and pain left behind from adverse experiences. So if you have experienced lived abuse, such as domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse or exploitation, emotional and psychological abuse, then our healing service could be for you. All with the added benefit of working in tandem or separately from other specialist abuse therapies like counselling, psychotherapy, or hypnotherapy, that you may access.

Our unique Abuse Healing Package provides a therapeutic difference because it specifically focuses on what the body remembers. And we use a range of ancient healing techniques that harnesses Universal energy to target parts of the body where emotion became stuck. Mending the hidden wounds without the reliance on disclosure, memory triggers or working through emotions surrounding the traumatic events. We facilitate a turning point in your recovery process so that you transition to living with the positive differences to your holistic wellbeing.

Our specialist abuse healing service is based in South Yorkshire and provides alternative healing therapy to women in the South-West districts of Sheffield, North Nottinghamshire, Worksop area, North Derbyshire, East Chesterfield area.


We do not work with perpetrators or individuals recovering from addiction.

 Feel the difference, live the difference!

When you have completed the Abuse Healing Package you'll know and feel the difference within your body. You'll recognise the changes and perhaps feel 'it' has gone, or a massive weight lifted from your shoulders. Perhaps, you react differently when situations arise, that in the past, caused emotional anguish and increased disharmony within your body and mind. And yet healing at Decus is so much more than that. You could also gain confidence in who you are and in choosing ways that bring greater happiness, joy and fulfilment in life. Indeed, you'll know when the deepest held emotional wounds are mended. Why? Because your body tells you in the short-term. And also as time goes on you'll discover more changes to how you once lived and thought about yourself. Find out more about us and how we support your healing needs.

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